What is Fit Crew?

Fit Crew is a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of peak individual performance.We count athletes, law enforcement, lawyers, grandmothers, housewives, military and business men among our members. The common thread that weaves through the membership is a willingness to learn and leave excuses at the door. We are not in the business of stroking your ego. We train for the purpose of increasing strength; both physical and psychological. You will be stretched beyond what you imagine yourself to be capable of. There are no mirrors in our gym. Fit Crew is not about the aesthetic transformations that WILL take place. We train people with heart. When you train at Fit Crew, you are part of an elite group of athletes who encourage and challenge one another with the goal of maximizing results.
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Bradenton Barbell Club

The Bradenton Barbell Club is for anyone, in any shape, at any age, who is serious about developing and perfecting their weightlifting skills.

Joining the Bradenton Barbell Club is a great way to develop your lifting skills, get you stronger for Fit Crew workouts, and other daily activities. Workouts at the Barbell Club will allow you to focus on the development of technique, strength, and power in your lifts.

This class is a USA Weightlifting class. Classes will focus on your weightlifting progression. Coach J.P. Korges will use various techniques to help you achieve your goals combining zone training, overloading, accommodating resistance, isometrics, video analysis, and other tools.
The Bradenton Barbell Club will meet at Fit Crew Bradenton every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM, and Saturdays at 10 AM.
For more information please email us at

Location: 608 19th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205
Gym hours: 5 AM to 7 PM M-F | 8 AM to 10 AM Sat
Phone: 941.749.0400
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