What is Fit Crew?

Fit Crew is a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of peak individual performance.We count athletes, law enforcement, lawyers, grandmothers, housewives, military and business men among our members. The common thread that weaves through the membership is a willingness to learn and leave excuses at the door. We are not in the business of stroking your ego. We train for the purpose of increasing strength; both physical and psychological. You will be stretched beyond what you imagine yourself to be capable of. There are no mirrors in our gym. Fit Crew is not about the aesthetic transformations that WILL take place. We train people with heart. When you train at Fit Crew, you are part of an elite group of athletes who encourage and challenge one another with the goal of maximizing results.
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* Success Stories: Melissa Gilbert *

Nov 18, 2014

May 12, 2015

"Six months before my fortieth birthday I cried while packing to go on vacation. Nothing in my closet fit - from my former size two to the now-not-fitting size fourteen. That was it! I decided right then to set small goals on a path to reach my main goal of getting off my medications, helping to support my joints with muscle, and changing my mind set back to health and happiness. This goal had to start with me. First I had to change the things in my life that caused stress and my job was the main source of stress. I was very fortunate to leave the big corporate world for a small company that focused on each employee. This is where I met Theresa. Her everyday encouragement and guidance meant a great deal to me and she also introduced me to Andrew Terman. Andrew is more than just a trainer; he is a life coach! Our first meeting we discussed my work, schedule, home and family, health, eating habits, medical issues, and more. He stated that if I gave him a six month commitment and took ownership of my health, that we could reach my health goals. It was not about the weight, scale, or dieting; it was about overall health, strength, and mindset."

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Gym hours: 5 AM to 7 PM M-F | 8 AM to 10 AM Sat
Phone: 941.749.0400
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