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My Fit Crew Story

Congratulations to Tricia Bean, who had five #myfitcrewstory entries over the month of March and won the raffle prize of a three-month class pack! All of the entries we received were incredible, so we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite entries. The community at our gym is part of what makes it so special and we love learning more about all of our clients, new and old. Our March contest is officially over, but if you still want to share a moment at the gym or the story of how you found Fit Crew, you can always tag us in on Facebook or Instagram, e-mail us, tell us in person, or even comment on this blog.

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April Athlete of the Month

You likely have seen Michelle training with Andre in the evenings, just as the group classes are wrapping up. Michelle is a dream personal training client- she’s kind, optimistic, and rarely in a bad mood. When she is having a rough day, she doesn’t allow it to slow her down or take away her smile. She is a newer face at Fit Crew, but the amount of work that she puts in at the gym speaks for itself! Michelle has Supraventricular Tachycardia, better known as SVT… This means that her heart rate can be much higher than the average person, especially during times of increased oxygen demand. Despite this, she has been smashing all of her goals and shows no sign of stopping soon.

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March Athlete of the Month

Amy has been with us just over a year now but she is a well-loved member of our Fit Crew Family. Known for her bubbly personality and positive outlook, Amy always has a smile on her face at the gym, shows determination, and is supportive of everyone around her. Our gym community is made up of individuals who are supportive of one another and have a common goal of wanting more out of life. Amy is a great example of this and we are proud to call her our athlete of the month.

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February Athlete of the Month

Todd, aka Tomato Todd, is one of Fit Crew’s most memorable athletes. You may know him as the class clown- he wakes up the 5 AM group each morning with dance moves and endless jokes. While the early morning class gets to enjoy Todd’s moves, the rest of us enjoy the boxes of tomatoes that he brings to the gym from the farm.

Todd joined us when Fit Crew was located in a barebones warehouse and stayed with us while we grew into the extensive facility that we call home today. He is extremely consistent in attending classes and always makes an effort to represent the gym wherever he goes- from Bradenton all the way to Mount Kilimanjaro. His athletic background, dedication, and light-hearted nature make him an ideal AOTM candidate. Congratulations, Todd!

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January Athlete of the Month

Tamara is one of our longstanding clients at Fit Crew, she started training with Niels in 2007 and has been both consistent and dedicated to our gym ever since.

Anyone who is familiar with Tamara knows that she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s headstrong, consistent, hard-working, driven, and persistent. These qualities have helped her not only set impressive PR’s, but also take home multiple awards in Figure competitions. Don’t let her incredible physique and badass qualities fool you though, as she is also kind and supportive of our community- showing up to the gym’s events, and always offering a smile and kind words to both new and longstanding clients.

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December Athlete of the Month

David was a Fit Crew client before Fit Crew actually existed. He started out training with Andrew over eight years ago, and has been hooked ever since.

David is an animal in the gym; he doesn’t give up, and when he’s fatigued he still pushes himself to keep going- and it shows! He’s also notorious for his sense of humor and great attitude.

Unfortunately, while this is a chance for many of you to get to know David, it’s also a chance for us to say goodbye, as he is soon moving to Spain! Thank you for your dedication and time spent at Fit Crew, David. We’ll miss you!

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October Athlete of the Month

Josh has been with Fit Crew for over four years and is an extremely dedicated client; just this year he has been in the gym almost 200 times!  He is consistent, humble, and determined- making him a silent force to be reckoned with. He often puts up top numbers in class and recently he won the 1000m row at our in house rowing competition (whats his secret? it must be the shoes). We’re so happy to have Josh as part of our crew, and love his dedication and positive attitude. Congrats, Josh!

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September Athlete of the Month

Meet Tina, our Athlete of the Month for September. Tina has been with us since April, 2012 and is one of our most dedicated clients. She comes to class six days a week and is an extremely hard worker with a great positive attitude. She’s honest in her workouts and is always improving and achieving new things. Tina is also well known and liked for her warmth and generosity. She’s kind to everyone she meets and often brings in toys for Gym. Congrats Tina, we’re so excited to feature you this month and love having you at Fit Crew.

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August Athlete of the Month

Leah has been with Fit Crew for four and a half years now, and she is certainly a familiar face in the gym. She always works hard and brings a great energy to the group classes as well as to her personal training sessions with Andrew. Recently, Leah competed for the first time in over three years at Fit Nation Thunderdome; she not only hit a PR on a clean complex there, but also finished third in the intermediate division, earning her a spot on the podium. Congrats Leah, we're so lucky to have you as a part of Fit Crew!

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