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May Athlete of the Month

You may remember Amy from her feature as Athlete of the Month in March of 2017. Nothing much has changed in terms of how dedicated Amy is to working out, however one major thing has changed in her life... The Fit Crew team was excited to learn that Amy and her husband are expecting!

We decided to feature Amy again, as she's continued to work out consistently throughout her pregnancy, bringing the recommendations of her doctor to the gym and working with trainers to modify workouts to fit her abilities. Her motivation and commitment to health is both inspiring and a great example of how health doesn't have to fully take the back burner, even when life presents challenges, opportunities, and changes. 

Congratulations, Amy!

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March Athletes of the Month

Kurt and Gretchen are two of our longest standing members at the gym. In fact, they were clients of Niels at Lifestyle Family Fitness before Fit Crew even existed! For eleven years, they’ve been consistently coming for workouts at the gym with unwavering focus, determination, and positive attitudes. Kurt and Gretchen are known for encouraging fellow athletes during workouts, even if they have never met them before. We’re proud to have them in our community.

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February Athlete of the Month

 What’s the key to success when it comes to your health? Trusting the process, putting in the work, and repeating. Andre Hendriex’s personal training client, Sherelle, has been inspiring us all at the gym with her persistence and positive attitude. As her trainer says “She’s a quiet, humble, nose to the grindstone type of girl. Once she makes up her mind, that’s it. She’s going to it”. Sherelle has lost 75+ pounds and counting, and her fitness journey has allowed her to stop taking some of her diabetes medication.

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January Athlete of the Month

Adopting a new lifestyle is difficult, especially when your background isn’t grounded in fitness. Juliana is a testament to the process: when you work hard, believe in the team around you, and are patient, you can achieve things that you never dreamed possible. Currently, Juliana does personal training sessions with Andrew. When asked about her key traits, Andrew said “she has an incredible work ethic. She’s the type that never gives up or complains, and is very optimistic”. In her short time with us, Juliana has accomplished a 24% change with no slowing down in sight. We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what else you achieve. Congrats, Juliana!

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December Athlete's of the Month

At the culmination of each year, it’s natural to think of the highs and lows of the year before you and the opportunities that lie ahead. When it came time to nominate our final athlete’s of the month for 2017, two clients came to mind who showed overwhelming strength through adversity as well as ongoing positivity and kindness that never wavered.

Denise and LaVonne continued to move forward, show up, be positive, and fight hard through each of their diagnoses of breast cancer – for that, we are thankful and inspired. They remind us that regardless of chance or circumstance, the will to keep going is powerful. Here’s to both of you and to 2018!

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