Genetic Testing


Redefining Human Potential


Have you ever wondered why your dieting efforts aren’t seeing results? Looking for a way to level up on your performance? Wondering if your cravings for salty foods are normal?

Understand a step-by-step action plan to 10x your physical & cognitive performance without insane workouts and diets that is programmed through the precision of you through genetic testing and reporting.

In conjunction with Reveal Vitality, our epigenetic coaches are trained in the interpretation of nearly 500 genetic variants. Using a proprietary genetic array and lifestyle specific templates they are able to create bio-specific plans for each individual to allow you to:

  • Develop a limitless mindset to achieve your ultimate human potential

  • Gain the formula to create your performance KPI’s and leverage technology to truly upgrade what is possible for you

  • Learn how cutting-edge technology plus the latest in science and research can give you the edge you desire.

An introductory genetic testing session is available for only $499 ($1,999 value). This will include a full and personalized genetic panel (including: sleep, fitness, detoxification, and hormones/genes) which can be fully reviewed should you choose to enroll in one of our health and wellness programs.

Sample Report Page

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