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Personal Training


Personal Training

Personal Training at Fit Crew involves a one on one instruction with one of Fit Crew’s experienced trainers.  This is an excellent option for people with variable schedules and athletes with specific health conditions or injuries.  Trainers provide tailored strength and conditioning programs to meet each individual’s unique goals and needs and can collaborate with other medical professionals to ensure a multidisciplinary approach.  Trainers also provide accountability and can mentor athletes in other areas of wellness. 


Athletic Performance


Athletic performance

Come train with the Pros! Professional athletes trust the trainers at Fit Crew to get them in peak physical condition.  Athletes from the ATP, NCAA, PGA and LPGA alike turn to Fit Crew trainer, Niels Renzenbrink for strength and conditioning programs.  Training is complimented by expert nutrition advice courtesy of functional diagnostic nutritionist, Andrew Terman.  Individualized training plans and nutrition programs ensure athletes meet their desired goals.

Hear what some of our Pros have to say:

"I did my first pre season in Fitcrew for 2 weeks just before starting my 2016 tennis season. The first 3 days were really really tough and painful but Neils got me through it and starting the second week I knew his workouts will make a big difference into my movement and physical conditioning. It didn’t take long to see the first results as I went from #75ATP to #37ATP in less than 5 months... I just wish I could have them on the road with me all year long ."

-Fabrice Martin, ATP Tennis

"Niels is an example of a consummate professional. Each workout is different and pushes you beyond what you believe you can achieve. His knowledge of body dynamics and his motivation is a major factor on where I am today."

-Mike Venus, ATP Tennis

Group Training


Personal training in groups allows for individual instruction while encouraging members to feel as though they are participating in a team sport.  Members support, encourage and challenge one another, and as a result, get the most out of the training program.  Coaches take each participants’ strengths and weaknesses into consideration in order to modify programs as needed to help ensure programs are safe and effective.   We offer the following group training formats:

  • FitCREW

An hour long, high-intensity strength and conditioning class led by certified Fit Crew coaches. FitCREW is constantly varied and incorporates weightlifting, calisthenics, aerobic and anaerobic exercises. All workouts begin with a warm-up and mobility exercises.

  • FitHIIT

Take interval training to the next level in this full body specialized class. High intensity movements combined with periods of low-intensity will allow you to decrease your body fat, lose weight, lose inches, increase energy, and improve your strength. The best part?  FitHIIT packs the best possible workout into 30 minutes of your time and continues to burn fat long after you've left the gym.

  • FitYOUTH

An hour long training session geared towards ages 6+. Each class will include a dynamic warm up, skill development and a fun fitness game to improve physical endurance. Body weight exercises and basic gymnastic moves will lay the foundation for future weightlifting movements.


Stretch and bend your way through this 30 minute class to prevent injuries, improve posture, increase range of motion, and decrease overall recovery time.

  • FitCORE

Increase core strength, shape, lean and toned abdominals with a 30 minute “Core & More” workout. Significantly developed core workouts mixed with cardio to help shed off that fat and build a stronger more developed core.


FitHUSTLE is an hour long, bootcamp style, class crafted to fine-tune your body for life's daily hustle. Expect a high-energy, total-body workout that focuses on every muscle - all set to today's top hits. We all get our hustle on, this class exists to make sure you stay fit while doing it! 




What's On Your Plate?

At Fit Crew, we recognize that exercising is not the only component of weight loss and overall health. That is
why we have a full time licensed Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist available to meet the needs of our athletes. Andrew Terman is passionate about nutrition, holistic health, and overall wellness. He is the nutritionist for the Colombian Davis Cup Team and has provided nutrition programming to a multitude of professional athletes.  He was featured on the CNN HLN Daily Share for his client’s 62 pound weight loss and the recipient of the 2013 and 2015 Bradenton Herald’s Best of Bradenton in the Nutritionist category.

Andrew performs simple, non invasive tests, to help clients find the root of their problems instead of always treating the symptoms. The protocols he creates for clients are all natural and are not full of synthetic lab-made supplements. A multitude of services are available and appointments can be conducted by phone, email or in person.


Workplace Wellness


Fit Crew can provide health and fitness education to employees while coaching them through individualized fitness programs.  Researchers largely agree that workplace wellness programs are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction in long-term health care costs.  Either at Fit Crew’s well equipped facility or in the workplace, Fit Crew Workplace Wellness programs help combat workplace stress while fostering teamwork among employees.

Fit Crew had the privilege of working with employees of Champs Sports in Bradenton and the Bradenton Police Department SWAT Team.

Team Sports


Sport specific, individualized training programs geared towards readying athletes for competition is just another service offered at Fit Crew.  We have had the pleasure of working with the St. Stephens Episcopal School track team, Inspiration Academy basketball team, Manatee High School rowing Team and the Southeast High School wrestling team.

For more information on either programs and for rates, please contact us at

Facility Rental


Fit Crew Bradenton is available to host photoshoots and videoshoots for models, athletes, and brands. Brands such as MTV and Phillip Plein International have used our space in the past. Please contact us for more details on rates