Group Training

There is no one perfect workout.

That’s why we have five.


Experience group fitness classes in a way that you never have before. By combining ideas and best practices from everything from sports performance to customer service, we’ve taken the best of it all to create an inspiring environment that helps our members achieve their goals. Members support, encourage and challenge one another, and as a result, get the most out of the training program while coaches take each participants’ strengths and weaknesses into consideration in order to modify programs as needed to help ensure programs are safe and effective.


FitCREW (1 hour) Our signature group fitness class. An hour long, high-intensity strength and conditioning class led by certified Fit Crew coaches. FitCREW is constantly varied and incorporates weightlifting, calisthenics, aerobic and anaerobic exercises. All workouts begin with a warm-up and mobility exercises.

FitYOUTH (1 hour) An hour long training session geared towards ages 6+. Each class will include a dynamic warm up, skill development and a fun fitness game to improve physical endurance. Body weight exercises and basic gymnastic moves will lay the foundation for future weightlifting movements.

FitHIIT (30 min) Burn hard. HIIT Harder. Take interval training to the next level in this full-body specialized class. High intensity movements combined with periods of low-intensity will allow you to decrease your body fat, lose weight, lose inches, increase energy, and improve your strength. The best part?  FitHIIT packs the best possible workout into 30 minutes of your time and continues to burn fat long after you've left the gym.


FitFLEX (30 min) Stretch and bend your way through this 30-minute class to prevent injuries, improve posture, increase range of motion, and decrease overall recovery time. This class uses Rollassage and massage tools to address musculoskeletal challenges.

FitCORE (30 min) Increase core strength, shape, lean and toned abdominals with a 30 minute “Core & More” workout. Significantly developed core workouts mixed with cardio to help shed off that fat and build a stronger more developed core.