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Yes, it was amazing work for me and it helps me a lot. I got much stronger in a short period of time and of course I would like to work more when I am in Florida.

-Andrey Rublev
ATP Tennis

I did my first pre season in Fitcrew for 2 weeks just before starting my 2016 tennis season. The first 3 days were really really tough and painful but Neils got me through it and starting the second week I knew his workouts will make a big difference into my movement and physical conditioning. It didn’t take long to see the first results as I went from #75ATP to #37ATP in less than 5 months

I just keep on doing his workouts as much I can on the road and as soon as I have some time off I go to Bradenton and come work out at Fit Crew. Andrew helped me out on my diet and I lost a dozen pounds and 3% body fat in 10 days just by following his diet and working out with Neils .

I just wish I could have them on the road with me all year long .

-Fabrice Martin
ATP Tennis

“Fit crew has changed my life in so many ways. I was always somewhat fit but never like this since my days serving in the US Army. Being 50 years old and able to do what I can do, thanks to the incredible workouts and trainers, has helped me be stronger in my very physical career of flipping houses. And not only has fit crew made me feel stronger and better about myself, the people there have become my close circle of friends!”

-Karen Soscia

Niels is an example of a consummate professional. Each workout is different and pushes you beyond what you believe you can achieve. His knowledge of body dynamics and his motivation is a major factor on where I am today.

-Mike Venus
ATP Tennis

“The atmosphere at Fit Crew is inviting with absolutely zero pressure to compare yourself with others and the Fit Crew training team is top notch; knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition, joint care, muscle tone and building, and cardiovascular development.

Since joining FitCrew in 2012, my body weight has dropped 30lbs, my core strength has increased substantially, and my overall strength has increased beyond my expectations. I am in the best shape of my life at the age of 48.”

-Bruce A. Bottorff

“I began training with Andrew Terman and Niels Renzenbrink at Fit Crew in 2011 where I would attend the group classes approximately three times a week. Somewhere in late 2012, I got the bug to compete in an organized Cross Fit competition, circling one on the calendar for spring of 2013. It was at this moment that I realized I would need one-on-one training to really be prepared (and not embarrass our training community). Through a perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized programming, challenging goal setting and a laser focus on nutrition, Andrew had me more than prepared for this competition. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his craft, and ability to adapt to a specific client’s needs and abilities, as well as his high degree of patience with a stubborn client (me), provided me with the perfect scenario for success and a firm foundation for continued growth not only physically but mentally. I have yet to find a training facility that matches Fit Crew.”

-Leah Purvis

“Andrew has helped me out tremendously to get through some injuries and get my body prepared for several triathlons and running races, including Ironman Arizona and Escape from Alcatraz.  He does a great job in laying out a plan based upon your goals.”

-Will Robinson

“Niels has been my personal and group trainer for close to 10 years. He has trained me to levels beyond what I thought I could do. His knowledge and dedication to athletes is one of the best in his industry. Being one of his oldest athletes, he has never made me feel like I couldn’t do what his younger athletes do. He has trained me to reach a national level in the NPC figure competitions. I highly recommend Niels for anyone striving to take their training to the next level.”

-Tamara Vendetti

“I’ve spent years at Fit Crew working with Niels. His passion and dedication making sure every athlete gets exactly what they need is what makes him the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. I’m very appreciative for all his hard work getting getting my body back to competing again.”

-Christian Harrison

“Ive been a member since February 2012. I was invited to Fit Crew by a friend 4 years ago. It did not take long before I became obsessed with the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the 3-4 mornings per week workouts and the feel-good results! In over four years I’ve never done the same work out twice.  They’re the only gym in town that has a 5 AM training session, and that works out great with balancing work and family. They customize movements and skills to fit your current level, while also programming challenging, well-rounded workouts to keep pushing you harder and faster. My wife and I have also used the personal training by the coaches to help prepare us for successful summitting of big mountain climbing expeditions, such as Mt. Rainier in Washington State, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Aconcagua in Argentina.”

-Todd McClure

“I decided to give Fit Crew a try after wanting to lose the last five pounds of baby weight. Instead, I dropped twice the weight AND 11% body fat. Three years later I’m stronger and healthier than ever. Fit Crew is more than a gym to me, it’s a lifestyle”

-Mara Gilmore

“Fit Crew has become a way of life for me thanks to the excellent program, experience, and coaching that Niels and Andrew have developed and offer to people of all ages and no matter what physical condition with which you start. They truly created magic in combining their skills to train others in getting in the best shape of their lives without fluff and literally without walls and boundaries.  My agic in combining their skills to train others in getting in the best shape of their lives without fluff and literally without walls and boundaries.  My week isn’t the same without my training regimen at Fit Crew! I’m so grateful to be part of the team!”

-Louis Najmy

“At birth, I was diagnosed with an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) which has prevented me from ever being able to see a single thing. Physical exercise and meditation has always been present in my life to help me cope with my daily struggle. After my father, Dan Vickers, proudly introduced me to Fit Crew in 2012, I was very impressed by the friendly people and fun atmosphere, so I chose to take on the opportunity after attending several classes on Saturday mornings. Three stressful years went by and I finally decided to return to the gym and begin personal training. Working one-on-one with Andrew has completely changed my perspective on life. Because of him, I have been transformed into a healthier, happier, and much more mature man with the desire and inspiration to begin college very soon and study the field of holistic nutrition. He has not only taught me so many various fun exercises that I never thought were even possible to do, but he has also very much helped me to easily deal with mental preparation, staying dedicated, continuing to give the best every day, always challenge yourself by stepping out of the comfort zone, and most of all, how to eat healthy like a champion. Andrew’s extensive knowledge, professionalism, energetic agility, perseverance, and dedication has pushed him to become the amazing trainer, nutritionist, coach, and gentlemen that he is today.”

-Chase Vickers

I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated from your willingness to always accommodate everyone and also your professionalism.You go the extra mile to help with eating plans and to make sure we are all encouraged.I can say it’s changed my life and inspires others through my results which makes me happy.  #changinglives

-Sarah Eurice

In July 2014 I attended my first Fit Crew session at the small gym on Anna Maria Island. I introduced myself to Andrew and said that whatever he tells me to do I will do it. My commitment in choosing a Fit Crew lifestyle was in place. Having wrestled growing up and playing rugby in my late 20’s and early 30’s I was not new to team commitment and working hard. However, that need for being fit was lost after I put up my rugby boots. Continuing to work out in the normal gym setting was not doing it for me. In return the desire to work out became tougher and tougher.

What I found out right away with Fit Crew is that everything I missed playing high level sports was right there for me.  The beauty of Fit Crew is that it becomes a lifestyle and not something you have to give up to stay competitive. Working out knowing that you don’t have to win or lose a starting position is awesome. My team now is Fit Crew. Seeing the triangle on so many diverse and age differential Fit Crew mates makes me proud to be included in such an exclusive group. The fact is that it’s not exclusive. It’s a great thing you have created that allows like minded, positive thinking, competitive people to have in their quest to be healthy and fit. It is for EVERYONE!

The facility! My company, Retailer Ad Placements, has been involved with advertising, marketing and promotions with the PGA tour and major college universities since 2004. The workout facility at Fit Crew is elite. Second to none and always committing itself to excellence. What I appreciate most is that they expect the best from us and continue to give us the best in return. If you haven’t been to Fit Crew do yourself a favor. Trust me it will change your life it you let it. I did.

Thank you so much for EVERYONE at Fit Crew who has made this place one of my favorites on the #3 Planet.  And by that I am including our amazing trainers and teammates who push one another to be the best they can be.

-Tony Gallo

It’s the little things that so many don’t get. Daring to buy sizes you haven’t seen in a long time and they fit. Then the “oh shit” moment of a new wardrobe. To see lines of definition that you forgot you had. Gaining strength and confidence that had been buried so deep for so long.

But the fear in the back of your mind of failing and falling backwards again. Hoping this is a true life change that sticks this time. Thanks again for taking me on and truly caring

U make me feel AWESOME! So nice yet awkward when people I don't know at gym asking me how much I've lost that I'm so small now. LOL. I'VE NEVER BEEN SMALL! 

-Amy Bickford-Edlund

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