60 Thoughts we've all had during a Fit Crew workout

Fit Crew Workout Thoughts


  1. I can’t wait to kill it today.
  2. I love this place.
  3. Awesome, there are tons of familiar faces here. I like working out with this group.
  4. Hey, Gym!
  5. He always looks so comfortable. That dog is living the dream.
  6. Wait, you want me to do WHAT for the warm up? This can’t be a good sign.
  7. Lap one. I’ve got this.
  8. Lap two. Can’t breathe.
  9. Push ups, burpees, and sit ups. Easy.
  11. Ok, mobility. I love this part.
  12. I should stretch more. Everyday. Yes, I’m going to become a stretching master.
  13. Time to go through the workout.
  14. Hmmmm… this first one looks fun. Deadlifts, cleans, front squats, and push press. I like this. It’s light weight too.
  15. Not so sure about the second workout. Box jumps and burpees are the bane of my existence. The wall balls and goblet squats are good though. I can’t do a pull-up, but I can always do a body row. Man, I bet everyone else can do pull ups.
  16. It’s ok. I’ve got this. You’ve GOT THIS!
  17. Here we go. Beat the clock. Beat the clock. Beat the clock.
  18. I’m killing this. Look at me go.
  19. Wow, there’s a lot of reps.
  20. Ok, I’m slowing down.
  21. Need to drop the bar. No one else has dropped the bar. Shoot! I’m never going to finish.
  23. Other people in the class are pep talking me. Thanks guys. I CAN do this!
  24. Oh no, people are starting to finish. Hurry up!
  25. Ok, 10 more reps two times.
  26. 12 reps. That’s 10+2.
  27. Ok you’ve done 5 more. That’s almost halfway to 12.
  28. Wait, what number am I on?
  29. Oh, they are taking a video? Don’t make a stupid face. Don’t make a stupid face.
  30. Annnnd done. YES! I finished in time!
  31. Excuse me while I lay on the floor.
  32. NO! The five-minute break is already up? What was I thinking coming in today? This is awful.
  33. Ok, here we go. Again.
  34. If I pass out please note my time.
  36. I bet I can be that fast if I really try.
  37. He’s pushing harder AND rooting me on. That’s really cool.
  38. Ok, I’m not that fast. YET.
  39. I need a break. Maybe I’ll tie my shoe. They’ll never know.
  40. Tori just yelled “let’s go guys”. She caught me. She KNEW!
  41. Goblet squats. Yes.
  42. Hmm are my pants see through?
  43. Man my legs hurt. Pull it together you’re almost there.
  44. That new girl is crushing it! I should give her a high five.
  45. 2 minutes left. It’s you versus burpees.
  46. My lungs are burning, Everything hurts. I’m dying.
  47. I want to collapse.
  48. DONE!
  49. How many rounds? Honestly, after two all I could focus on was not dying. Let’s go with 2 ½.
  50. Maybe it was 3. Did I just short myself? Oh well, it doesn’t matter.
  51. Excuse me while I drown in my own sweat.
  52. Good job… good job… fist bump… high five
  53. Andrew just asked how it was and I said awful. I mean, honesty is the best policy, right?
  54. It WAS awful
  55. Ok, cooled down. Time to drive home. I wonder if my legs still work?
  56. You know what, that was actually really fun.
  57. I crushed it.
  58. I’m a badass.
  59. I go to the best gym.
  60. I can’t wait to do it again.