Get Paid to Workout Through Your Health Insurance

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Did you know that depending on your health insurance provider, you may be eligible for discounts or cash back?

Studies show that living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise can save anywhere from $13,000 to $40,000 in medical costs - and health insurance companies are passing these savings on to their healthiest customers.

To incentivize policy holders to live healthier lifestyles, major insurance companies like Aetna, Blue Cross, and Humana are creating programs that result in cash back or discounts for doing anything from exercising to eating right, going for your annual physical, walking, and more.

Blue Cross
Fitbit has teamed up with Blue Cross to provide discounts to their clients for FitBit merchandise. To obtain the discount all you have to do is keep track of what you are doing daily and report it back to Blue Cross. Blue Cross members can also get discounts on gym memberships, fitness equipment, mental services, and nutrition services such as Sun Basket or Jenny Craig at a discount through their Blue365 platform. Some Blue Cross Blue Shield programs will give you cash back if you complete tasks such as getting your annual physical, getting a mammogram, and checking your Hgb A1C. By maintaining regularly recommended appointments, Blue Cross is willing to pay you! Sounds like a win win to us.

Aetna partners with LifeMart, Apple, and Globalfit to creative healthy incentive programs for their customers. Through LifeMart Aetna offers a wellness incentive package that sends you $50 just for filling out a wellness assessment and finishing healthy living programs (which include Cancer-Free living, Stress-Free living, and many more). If you have a pre-existing condition there are rewards for getting counseling with those conditions, diet education, and staying in contact with a health professionals for disease management of that condition. Customer participation in a these programs can be rewarded with gift cards, credits, and saving accounts. Aetna also has an program called Attain by Aetna that can link to your Apple Watch for some members - and can even subsidize the cost of your Apple Watch. Each time you exercise, read information they provide you, or meet a goal that is provided to you, you earn points. Once you get to a certain level of points you can cash those points in for gift cards to places you shop on a monthly basis (Amazon, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc).

Cigna members can apply fitness-related discounts in their Healthy Rewards® Program to a number of categories including weight management and nutrition, fitness club and equipment, vision and healing care, alternative medicine, mind and body, and vitamins, health and wellness products. Discounts range from 5-50% off and no doctor referral or claim form is needed to start saving. Customers can also receive discounts for walking 10,000 steps a day.

Humana has a program called Go365 to earn rewards for sleeping enough, working out, attending preventative care appointments, and eating healthy. Once Humana customers document their activity in the app they can be rewarded in cash and gift cards to places like Walmart, Shell, and much more.

Fun fact: Fit Crew is officially on the Go365 network so that Humana members can be rewarded for attending our classes.

Not seeing your insurance company on this list or wondering if your specific policy qualifies for the benefits listed above? Give the number on the back of your insurance card a call to see what they have to offer. Then, get in touch with us to put those benefits to work!