November Athletes of the Month

November Athletes of the month

Welcome to Fit Crew!

Meet November’s Athletes of the month,  

It takes a lot to join a new gym. Whether you’re tied to your gym because of the classes, facilities, trainers, or community, it’s a big decision to move on to the next place when the time comes. It always takes a bit of trial and error as well as trust (and sometimes luck) to find the gym that’s right for you – but when you find “your place” everything just falls into place. This month we wanted to feature three of our newest clients who recently made the decision to follow Ray to Fit Crew and join our community of clients: Marisa Butler, Lissette Serrano, and Monica Simpson.

Welcome to Fit Crew, ladies!

Tell us about yourself.

Marissa: My name is Marisa Butler. I was born in Orlando, FL but mostly grew up on Anna Maria Island. I work at Riverhouse Reef and Grill in Palmetto. I have been training on and off my whole life, struggling to make it a lifestyle change rather than a 3-month diet – always reverting back to old ways. It has taken me years, but now I have finally made it a lifestyle change and I couldn’t be happier!!

Lissette: My name is Lissette. I was born in Chicago but moved to Florida when I was seven. I’ve lived here for 15 years and now work at the restaurant, River House. All throughout middle school and high school, I was a dancer- it was my number one passion. I was on ballroom team and did hip-hop. We used to perform and go to competitions, but my favorite was competing.

Monica: I’m originally from Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University. My oldest son, Harrison, attends Florida State University and my youngest is a freshman at Saint Stephen’s episcopal school. I was a competitive gymnast until I was about 12 years old when I sustained an injury that made me decide to switch gears to dancing. I danced competitively until college.

I’m a certified Spin instructor, but currently I don’t teach. I gave up my class about two months ago and have to admit that I miss being in the saddle.

What prompted you to join Fit Crew?

Marissa: I joined Fit Crew because my trainer Ray just started working there. He is the best trainer I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot). He motivates me all the time and is always inspiring me to be a better and stronger person.

Lissette: I followed my trainer, Ray, to Fit Crew and it was the best decision I’ve made.

Monica: Competition and pushing myself is in my DNA. I have been thinking about changing where I worked out to give me the competitive outlet and challenge I was craving.  I knew Fit Crew was a great place, but the addition of Ray Gardner made it a perfect time to join. Ray’s understanding of what makes people allows him to be one of the most effective trainers out there. 

What do you think makes Fit Crew different from other gyms that you’ve tried in the past. 

Marissa: Fit crew is a different gym because the equipment in there is endless and the people there are soooooo friendly! Even with just joining, I don’t feel like an outcast at all! And I love trigger- he is the cutest mascot 

Lissette: Fit Crew is completely different from a normal gym. There’s so much energy in the classes with everyone; it pushes me and gives me a lot of motivation.

Monica: Fit Crew not only has a wonderful vibe and a feeling of community, but it also has a full range of offerings from the variety of trainers and classes to the awesome equipment that challenges me on so many different levels.  It’s great to have real experts in their field in one gym to help you meet your goals and address issues that may be preventing you from meeting those goals.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement/lift/drill?

Marissa: My favorite exercise is anything to help the quads. I’m on a mission to get bigger and stronger quads  My least exercise is running, but it’s a love-hate relationship.

Lissette: My favorite exercise has to do with legs and glutes- all the different squats that are done. I love deadlifts so that’s probably one of my favorites too. I don’t have a least favorite. Right now I don’t like doing pull-ups because I can’t do them yet. But I will soon!

Monica: I love squats. My least favorite exercise has to be V-ups. I love to hate pull-ups, but I won’t let them get the best of me!

What do you like to do when you’re not training at Fit Crew?

Marissa: When I’m not training at Fit Crew I’m usually at work or at Crunch trying to get stronger

Lissette: When I’m not working out I love to hang out at my house with my dog and play outside with him. I also enjoy just being semi-lazy in my bed.

Monica: I love playing co-ed sports. I’m not great at them (I never played team sports as a kid) but I love the competition and being part of a team of people that are working toward a common goal.