90-Day Shred Results


Well done to everyone who participated in our 90-day shred. A special congratulations goes to Team LB (Don Purvis, Gavin Lee, Brian Johnson, Bryan Meador, and Rich Morris) for WINNING the challenge. Their team had a average % change of 11.53% body fat and all members completed (and crushed) the workout! Each team member will receive a $444 credit on their Fit Crew Account.

The Placings
1st - Team LB (-11.53%)
2nd - Team Swoley Bible (-11.20%)
3rd - Mission SLIM possible (-10.68%)
4th - Team Mark & Bill (-7.87%)
5th - inspiRAYation (-7.77%)
6th - A Team (-5.98%)

Also, a special shoutout to the following individuals who had absolutely incredible individual results:
Brendan Linzi - 34.55% change
Josh Williams - 30.43% change
Chip Connor - 20% change