May Athlete of the Month

Amy Morris

You may remember Amy from her feature as Athlete of the Month in March of 2017. Nothing much has changed in terms of how dedicated Amy is to working out, however one major thing has changed in her life... The Fit Crew team was excited to learn that Amy and her husband are expecting!

We decided to feature Amy again, as she's continued to work out consistently throughout her pregnancy, bringing the recommendations of her doctor to the gym and working with trainers to modify workouts to fit her abilities. Her motivation and commitment to health is both inspiring and a great example of how health doesn't have to fully take the back burner, even when life presents challenges, opportunities, and changes. 

Congratulations, Amy!


How would you describe your fitness journey from starting to now?

I haven’t always been one to work out, especially in a gym.  In fact, I used to HATE working out in front of anyone, and often resorted to videos online, ran around the neighborhood, or simply walked the dogs.  It’s probably obvious to say that I wasn’t happy with the results and often lacked the self-motivation to continue on my own.  My husband turned me on to Fit Crew.  Three years ago, I finally decided to try a group class and before I knew it, I was working out 4-5 times a week. I became hooked! Initially, I was extremely nervous about coming to Fit Crew, as I knew nothing about weight lifting and was actually quite intimidated by the thought of it.  I have come to love working out and have vowed to make it a priority! 


You and Rich work out often together - how do you motivate each other to show up and put in maximum effort? 

It’s all about having fun with it and helping each other stay focused on their goals.  I love watching him strive to reach his goals! Working out together, though, helps hold each other accountable. 


What’s your favorite thing about Fit Crew? 

Fit Crew is by far a unique gym to belong to.  One of my favorite things about Fit Crew is the trainers. No one can deny that Fit Crew has the best!  They are talented trainers who pay attention, truly care, are knowledgeable, and continually learn new ways to push you. Throughout my pregnancy, each of the trainers has made sure to make modifications to the daily workout to accommodate my changing body and ensure I was able to get a healthy workout in.

In addition, being a member of Fit Crew is more than being a part of a gym.  Being a member of Fit Crew is like being a part of an extended family.  It is a great feeling knowing that you’re working out next to others that truly care and who share the same goals. The comradery, the friendships, and the motivation that takes place within the walls of Fit Crew is one of a kind and is what sets this facility apart from other gyms.  The amount of support I have felt over the past nine months at Fit Crew is humbling and leaves me speechless.  I am SO appreciative of every little word of encouragement or inquiry about how I’ve felt along the way. 


How has fitness changed for you since you became pregnant? 

Since becoming pregnant, working out certainly has changed for me.  Aside from the obvious physical limitations, working out has become more of a mental challenge.  I’ve had to remind myself that I am not here to set any personal records and that it is okay if some of the things that came easy to me before are no longer that simple.  I’ve had to remind myself that it is okay to make modifications or to not finish a workout before time is called. Rather than letting it leave me feeling defeated or frustrated, I’ve learned to laugh and remind myself that I am working out for two, an opportunity that some may never have. My overall mindset has had to change from a focus on the physical image to a focus on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle to support another life. 


What’s your favorite exercise currently? Least favorite? 

My current favorite exercise is anything I am ABLE to do! Haha! My least favorite exercise is burpees and rope climbs… thank goodness they were on the list of “forbidden while pregnant” exercises!


Any advice for other pregnant women on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

My advice for other pregnant women in maintaining a workout routine and healthy lifestyle is to focus on what feels right for you. Everyone has their thoughts, opinions, and philosophies about working out during pregnancy (and they aren’t afraid to share them), but at the end of the day it is your body. With the approval of your doctor, guidance from experienced trainers, and a motivated mind, working out can be very beneficial for the mind and body.  Personally, my goal was to attend 4-5 group sessions a week for as long as I could.  It was crazy how different I felt on the days that I missed a workout.  My energy level was much lower and I actually felt, well, pregnant! So, if it feels right, regardless of what others say or think, you CAN continue to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


What’s been your craziest pregnancy craving?

So I haven’t had anything CRAZY… but baby boy has had me stuck on green apples and peanut butter on the daily! Oh and this is soooo embarrassing, disgusting and SO not “Andrew approved,” but an occasional taquito roller from 7-11! I can’t believe I shared that!!!